How to Create a Functional Space in a Small Kitchen

For many homeowners, especially those living in a more urban environment and older homes, the kitchen is not quite as large as one would like. Sadly, however, we have to do what we can with what we have. We have to make our tiny kitchen work for us the best that it possibly can.

But just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean it can’t function like the best of them! Here are several ways to get big benefits from your small space.

White cabinets give smaller kitchens a bright, open feel.

Let the Light Shine In!

Natural light has the wonderful ability to brighten any space and make it seem larger. Don’t block it out with heavy window coverings. Embrace the light! You can also help the light do what it does best by incorporating surfaces it can reflect off of into other parts of the room.

Choose Light, Neutral Colors

Choosing light, neutral colors in small kitchens help them appear larger and more open. Darker colors can be used as accents in kitchen cabinets, paint or countertops. Using dark colors throughout small spaces tend to feel heavy and have a crowding effect. Stick to lighter colors to make the space seem open and airy.

kitchen window wall with pale gray shaker cabinets and gray subway tile
Cabinets in Urban Stone and gray subway tile frame this large, open window.

Smart Storage and No Upper Cabinets

Just like dark colors, too many upper kitchen cabinets can crowd a small kitchen. By removing the uppers, and relying on smart and super functional storage on the bottom cabinets, the walls in your kitchen will seem farther apart, expanding your space. Also, without upper cabinets, you’re granted greater access to your countertops.

CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Rockford Painted White
Glass door cabinets aren’t as visually heavy.

Glass Doors and Open Shelving

If you really need more storage, consider upper cabinets with glass doors or open shelving on one side of your kitchen. Open shelves aren’t as visually heavy as solid wood upper cabinets, and glass doors let your eyesight and light travel farther, brightening your kitchen.

Clutter-free Is the Way to Be

This is the easiest tip. Nothing drains the spaciousness of a kitchen like clutter. Keeping the countertops clear will help create a functional space.

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