Raising Healthy Children Today Means Teaching Them a New Skill

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A parent's main objective is of course to raise a child who is equipped to one day successfully live independently. Children need things such as an education, social skills, the ability to deal with stress and the knowledge to distinguish good from bad.

But in today's world in order to raise a healthy child, parents must recognize there is new skill their child needs. One that if they don't have, could set them up for a lifetime of unnecessary hardship and struggle.

Children from this era, need parents who teach them good eating habits. Why? Because they are surrounded by unhealthy and contaminated food and people eating processed products that will destroy their health. They are being raised in a society that has yet to fully understand that what we eat today, is closely linked to the diseases that are killing us.

Just several generations ago, these foods did not exist so children simply ate what their parents ate and no further training was required. 

But without this skill, children of today, will easily succumb to eating the mainstream way which does not support good health.

What exact eating habits and skills do children need?

  1. Basic knowledge about food such as what is healthy and what is not.
  2. Understanding the difference between 'growing foods', 'fun foods' and 'treat foods' and in what proportions to eat them.
  3. The ability to listen to their body's cues and avoid overeating.
  4. The discipline to resist the temptation of eating unhealthy food that is around every corner by understanding the consequences of eating unhealthy.
  5. The skills to prepare healthy food that tastes good.
  6. The desire to take on the responsibility of not just caring for their bodies but also for their environment by avoiding food waste and supporting those who practice clean and sustainable food production methods.

A child with these healthy eating habits is set up for success in this world. And just as parents teach their child any set of skills from tying shoes and brushing teeth to how to behave at a job interview, so should they consciously and actively work at instilling excellent eating habits.

How can parents foster this healthy way of eating in their child?

  1. Educate and raise awareness - talk about food: anything from where food comes from to why it should not be wasted
  2. Lead by example - practice healthy eating habits.
  3. Allow children the freedom to make decisions around food while guiding them and encouraging them.
  4. Involve children in every step of food preparation - from visiting a farm to shopping to cooking to serving.
  5. Take on an authoritative parenting style - set rules and support them with whatever they need to be able to follow those rules successfully.
  6. Teach them how decisions equal consequences in all aspects of life. 

Parenting today involves teaching children an additional set of skills that will protect them from falling into unhealthy eating practices that will directly or indirectly negatively influence their health and therefore affect their overall success as an adult.  


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