Help for fussypicky & extreme problem eaters using techniques that work! 

Step-by-step programs that will give your child the nutrition he or she needs to thrive!


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For parents with picky eaters, mealtime often feels frustrating, overwhelming and stressful. 

Most are all too familiar with battles at the table, short-order cooking, hiding vegetables in meals, worrying about how many nutrients their child has eaten in a given week and trying different tactics without much success.  


But STOP!! There is a way out of this chaos that surrounds you and your child every day!

There are specific techniques, that when used together in a progressing fashion, will cause even YOUR child to start eating foods you could have only have dreamed of! Stop struggling on your own and allow me to lead you to success. 

As a nutritionist, I know all too well about what effect food has on well-being. The truth is, because the body and brain are connected, NUTRITION AFFECTS EVERYTHING. This includes your child's mood, behavior, learning and ability to cope. So to truly allow your child to function at his or her fullest potential, there must first be a solid foundation of optimal nutrition. 

You likely already knew that; right? It's getting your child to eat these healthy foods that is the real problem!

How many parents do you know who have been able to transform their picky eater? Likely not many.

The reason is that picky eating is actually very complex. It is always multifaceted involving many issues that need to be addressed. That is why I have created a simple systematic approach to dealing with picky eating called my Assertive Feeding Method (A.F.M), so that you don't have to struggle and take a gamble on something as important as your child's health when you don't have to!

My programs have everything you need to give your child that solid foundation required for his/her health and success. 

Nutritional Knowledge

Learn what your child should be eating.

Picky Eating Strategies

Methods that work!

Meal Ideas / Recipes

Simplify, save time & reduce stress.

Therapeutic Diets

Ideal diets & methods for picky eaters with autism or ADHD.

Your picky eater's diet may expand as an adult, but your child needs good nutrition now during these crucial growing and developing years!

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Follow these 3 steps...

Buy one of my programs

The first step to get your child to move in the right direction, is to take action!

Follow my step-by-step system

A plan is only as good as its ability to be implemented. My support will get you the results you want.

Watch your child thrive

A parent's ultimate success is a happy and healthy child. These years are pivotal. Your child deserves the best!

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"Early childhood development is a crucial period in life that can be impacted greatly by nutritional deficiencies, having lasting effects on a child’s cognitive abilities and overall health."                           

SickKids Hospital, Toronto

I am ready & qualified to help your child be all that he or she can be!

Aside from being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in picky eating for kids, I am also a Certified BioIndividual Nutritional Practitioner, which includes Pediatric Intensive education. This means I have received specific training in nutrition for children with autism and ADHD.

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You will be amazed at what the right nutrition will do for your child!

Take this FREE Quiz to find out what a real Healthy and Nourishing Diet looks like and how your child's current diet measures up.

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